About Mittaphab Hospital

Mittaphab Hospital was founded in 1988. Since 1992, Mittaphab Hospital has become one of the most important  public hospitals in Lao and a general hospital set of medical, teaching, scientific research.

Advanced medical equipment, perfect medical environment, not only for patients with emergency treatment and treatment, disease detection and diagnosis, high level of care and treatment, physical rehabilitation treatment, disease prevention and health care and other medical services, while committed to human resources development and construction and Medical science research, improve the overall quality of medical personnel and the hospital’s overall medical level, the hospital in the tumor, kidney transplant surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology and other fields have been equipped with a sound team of experts and medical facilities. In 1996, the Ministry of Health of Laos designated the Mittaphab Hospital as a comprehensive key hospital for Lao’ disease control center, liver disease center, kidney dialysis center and cancer center.

About Phitsamay Silitnam Pharmacy

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Phitsamay silitnam pharmacy, Road Phontong Dongdok ,Ban chommany, Xaysetha District ,Vientiane,Lao PDR

The Phitsamay Pharmacy is opposite the Mittaphab Hospital

Tell: 020 55559797