The First Session of Belt and Road (Healthy Silk Road) ofLaos-China Hospitals International Exchange & Cooperation Forum officially begun

With the common vision of China “The Belt and Road” of construction Health Silk Road, establishing the interactive platform for hospital to hospital, professional medical staff people to people in Laos and China, and for clinical diagnosis and treatment, and academic inter exchange, has become the top priority of international medical cooperation. In order to understand and master the current situation and latest progress in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, especially the liver diseases represented by viral hepatitis, AIDS and dengue fever diagnosis and treatment, and to develop the clinic exchanges and cooperation in tumor targeted therapy among countries, the Department of Health Care, Ministry of Health of Laos will hold The First Session of Belt and Road (Healthy Silk Road) of Laos-China Hospitals International Exchange & Cooperation Forum, and Laos International Symposium on Infectious Prevention & Treatment and Tumor Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment on October 27th in Vientiane, Laos.

The Session was led by the Department of Health Care, Ministry of Health of Laos, and undertaken by the Mittaphab Hospital of Laos. The conference specially invited the Deputy Health Minister of Laos, Mr. Phouthonet, the Director of General of Department of Health Care, Mr. Bounnack, the Director of Mittaphab Hospital, Mr. Snong and the director of Sichuan Mianyang 404 Hospita, Mr. Jiang to publish the speech at the opening ceremony. Then Phetsamone Arounlangsy(the leader of the field of health system for tumor of Laos), Hu Xiaohua(the director of Oncology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University), Wang Yuling(the vice director of the Fifth Hospital of Shijiazhuang), Liu Bing(the vice director of Center for Infectious Disease Prevention) and Cheng Changsheng(the vice director of Infectious Disease Quality Control Center of Guangxi Health Department) made special report on the progress of disease research and hotpot issues discussion about hospital management on the meeting.

In the speech of the opening ceremony of the Session, the Deputy Health Minister of Laos, Mr. Phouthone said , since 2013, the “Belt and Road Initiative” of Republic of China has been proposed and currently, this initiative is becoming a reality and bearing fruit. The “Belt and Road Initiative” aims to built trade and infrastructure networks connecting Asia, Europe and Africa to seek common development and prosperity.

(the Deputy Health Minister of Laos, Mr. Phouthone)

Mr. Phouthone claimed that they strongly support cooperation in medical science, epidemic prevention as well as clinical research to improve the quality of health of people in the world. Finally, Mr. Phouthone gave his appreciation to the “Belt and Road initiative”, which deepened the collaboration between Laos and China. He said he hoped that the collaboration would be improved to the full extent.

(Mr.Jiang has been awarded the Medical cooperation Contribution of the “Belt and Road” by the Deputy Health Minister of Laos, Mr. Phouthonet)

It is understood that the conference report involves a number of important topics such as Achievement report on the clinical application of DAA drugs in the treatment of CHC in Laos or China, The role of Interventional therapy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, Targeted therapy for NSCLC and Multi-center Theory and Clinical Strategy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. After the meeting, each teaching expert was awarded the commemorative certificate issued by Mittaphab Hospital. After the Session, all the experts visited the co-organizer of the International Symposium—Tongmeng(Lao) PharmacEutical & Food Co.,Ltd together ( the medical provider of the government health-care programs in Laos).Experts participating in the conference believed that it has more far-reaching significance for the seminar started from many fields of infectious diseases. It will helpful to develop the clinic exchanges and cooperation in tumor targeted therapy among countries.

launched health follow-up work and as one of the practical actions to practice the “Belt and Road Initiative”. He hoped that the session would be a good start. In the future, the international medical conference between China and Laos will be normalization and continue to be held. From China to Laos, “Belt and Road (Healthy Silk Road)” will walk further and further.

(the Director of Mittaphab Hospital, Mr. Snong)